In business since 1978, Innovat Corporation troubleshoots and repairs printed circuit boards for Welding Equipment and also for some related industrial equipment. If you have already diagnosed a faulty p.c. board in your machine, then we want to help.

If you find your pc board listed, you may ship or mail your pc board(s) to:

MARION, VA 24354

Include your contact information and a brief description the symptom.

If you are a New Customer, click NEW CUSTOMERS and follow instructions.

*** If you are not sure that a p.c. board is faulty, we recommend you call the manufacturer or check with a local repair shop before sending a board for repair. We have flat-rate pricing.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of printed circuit boards that Innovat Corporation repairs are:

  • Cleveland Machine
  • ESAB
  • Hobart
  • L-tec
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Miller Electric
  • MK Products
  • Solar / Century

Our mission remains the same today as when we started; a quality repair, a quick turnaround, a great price.

Our customers range from welding suppliers and welder repair companies to ship builders, repairers, construction companies, fabricators, manufacturers and many individual welder owners. If not already, we hope you will become a customer.


Our definition of “repair” is to be able to power up a board, troubleshoot, and repair as needed. In order to do this, we have gathered technical documentation, built bench-test fixtures, and written in-depth testing procedures so we can verify that your board is operating properly.

When documentation is not available, some p.c. boards are still considered repairable. With these boards, our “repair” will be to thoroughly check each component and replace components as needed. These “repairs” are listed as P/C on our price list.