Doing Business Policies


If you have any scrap, repairable boards that are on our current price list and are looking to get rid of them, give us a call at 800-626-1887 or e-mail our Sales Department with the assembly #’s you have.  We will check our inventory and if we can use them, you will be eligible for a discount on your next order.

Purchase Orders are required for open accounts.

If an official Purchase Order # is not required by your company, a name and date or a reference # will suffice for our billing purposes.

* * *

If your account is in order and your paperwork says “Repair” and no pricing is listed, we will assume you have been quoted or found your repair price on our web-site.  If you need a quote prior to repair, you must make a request on your paperwork; i.e “Please Estimate”

To avoid delays, please provide proper contact information on purchase orders or packing slips.  Special requests such as Rush, Warranty, Estimate, or special shipping must be notated.  “ASAP” does not constitute an Emergency Rush Repair, which has an extra charge.

To help aid in our troubleshooting, please include symptom/problem encountered with your machine, especially if you have an intermittent issue.

* * *

P.C. Boards currently on our price list are not evaluated prior to repair.

Pricing is flat-rate, even if there is “no problem found.”

In the event that a quoted item cannot be repaired (i.e. parts availability, damage to board, not passing test, etc.), there will be no charge.

Items not repaired or not repairable are returned to customer unless we receive permission to keep them.

* * *

Not every p.c. board / unit we see can be tested.  They are labeled as P/C on our P.C. Board Repair Price List .  All components are thoroughly checked.

* * *

Prior to most repairs, boards go through a cleaning and drying process.  This process is not intended to make boards look new.  We do not subject boards / units to excessive water or detergents.

* * *

On occasion, our technicians may request that certain machine items be checked based on their findings during repairs. These are suggestions derived from the technical documentation.  Our main business is not machine repair and we make no claims or accept any liability if our suggestions are inaccurate.  Our suggestions are to make sure possible external issues are resolved before re-installing a repaired / working p.c. board.

Innovat Corporation does not offer Technical Support for machines.  Based on our findings during p.c. board repair troubleshooting, our technicians may suggest external machine items to check that could have been a possible cause for the p.c. board failure.  We recommend contacting the manufacturer of your machine or an authorized repair facility for assistance in machine troubleshooting.

Warranty Policy

Warranty is covered for a period of 6 months from date of invoice unless otherwise specified.

All p.c. boards listed on our repair price list, not labled P/C, are tested to the best of our ability by checking and testing modes, functions, and other operations for proper output as thorough as possible by our custom made test fixtures built to simulate the board’s operations in your machine.

All p.c. boards labeled P/C are not fully testable, therefore we check / test  components to the best of our ability and replace parts as needed.  These boards are given a warranty unless you are notified otherwise prior to a repair.

To avoid a possible warranty situation, please provide a machine symptom when sending in your board for repair, especially if you have an intermittent issue.

Warranty may not cover failures due to equipment problems, electrical surges, spikes, exceeding duty cycle, environmental conditions, misuse, neglect, or any problem determined to be external to the board itself.

Warranty does not cover boards that have been stocked and never used until after the warranty has expired.

For this reason, It is recommended that all repaired items be installed and tested as soon as possible.

To be considered for a possible warranty, e-mail our technical department with the following information:

1. original symptom
2. symptom after installing repaired pcb
3. list any checks, tests conducted

A technician will get back to you after reviewing your information.

You may also call Customer Service at 800-626-1887 and will be instructed to give the above information also.

Tampering with board prior to returning for a warranty evaluation may void the warranty.

If it is determined that a repaired pcb needs to come back for a Warranty Evaluation, customer pays shipping to Innovat Corporation.  Innovat Corporation will then pay return shipping if the board is covered under warranty.

* * *

Repaired Welders & Machines:
Innovat Corporation warrants parts replaced should they fail under normal operating conditions as stated above, and labor only for a period of 30 days.

Whenever possible, machines are load tested and / or weld tested in our facility.

Payment terms are “Net 30 days” on open accounts.  Any other terms must be agreed upon by Innovat Corporation.  Open accounts may be terminated for past due accounts.

* * *

American Express, Discover, Mastercard,  Visa  accepted.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) / ACH accepted.

If you prefer to pre-pay with a check or money order,  add $ 20 to cover Shipping & Handling.

New Customers (Businesses) may apply for an open account after your first order.

International Customers terms are credit card or ACH / EFT.

* * *

There is a $30.00 charge on returned checks.

* * *


Any account sent to a third party collection agency is responsible for all collection fees.  Open account will be terminated.

* * *

Handling fee of $5.00 will apply to each order, not each item.

* * *

Customer pays shipping to and from Innovat Corporation.

* * *

Innovat Corporation is not responsible for any damages or lost items incurred by any freight service.  Our invoices are expected to be paid for work incurred.  You might consider insuring your packages for full replacement and repair charge.

If you do NOT want any insurance on shipping or you have a specific amount you want to insure, you must notate on your paperwork / packing slip, e-mail, etc.

Otherwise, we will use our discretion; we typically insure invoices over $ 500 for the invoice amount and / or we may insure repaired items that are known to be obsolete.

Innovat Corporation reserves the right to do or not do business with any individual or business.